Sunday, October 24, 2010

Should You Join The Tiger-21 Club?

Image Source: Hollingsworth, John Karen  , U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Tiger is on the prowl and I do not mean Tiger Woods. Tiger-21, (The Investment Group For Enhanced Returns for the 21st Century)  is opening up for business in Canada and is looking for new members. If you are a decamillionaire (have $10,000,000 in investments),  “Tiger Worthy”,  and willing to spend the  $30,000 per year membership dues, you can join this exclusive club.

According to their website Tiger-21 ”is a peer-to-peer learning group for high-net-worth investors. We help members build the skill set to successfully transition from focused entrepreneurs to disciplined managers of wealth. Participating in professionally-facilitated, 12-14 person groups, our members meet monthly to harness the varied expertise and collective intelligence of their peers in high-energy, day-long sessions.”

Since Thane Stenner, has been appointed Managing Director  for Tiger-21 in Canada, they have been actively recruiting new members. They plan to have 56 members in total in Canada with groups in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. In a recent interview with Jon Chevreau of the Financial Post , Mr. Stenner, discussed the plans for Canada, some of the criteria for joining, and the benefits of being part of this exclusive networking group.

Would I ever join the Tiger -21?  That is a moot point  because I am definitely not Tiger Worthy,  with a net worth closer to 0 than it is to their minimum requirement of $10,0000,000.

Should an investor join the club? If the purpose of joining was to improve the performance  of their investment portfolio or looking for new investment ideas then there are cheaper and more direct ways of accomplishing that goal. For $30,000 a year, an investor can buy a lot of expertise to improve their investment performance. If an investor wanted to hear investment  ideas from  speakers like David Rosenberg or Bill Gross, much can be found for free on the internet.

The value in joining, in my opinion is the networking possibilities with like-minded, successful businessmen. Meeting with a dynamic group of investors could  be worth the  $30,000 a year in membership fees. I also believe the ideas coming from the group,  will be more valuable than the ideas that come from the investment experts brought in to speak.

Bottom Line  

Will Tiger-21 reach their 56 member limit? I believe it is quite likely. According to BMO there are about 27,000 households with over $10,000,000 in investments. If only 0.207% join or  1 in every 482 Decimillioniares then their goal will be reached.

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